Medical Museion


Redesign to attract more visitors

My part of the project

Conceptualizing, Brand identity, Web design, Animation

The old historical Medical Museion in Copenhagen had the wish to get more people to visit and recognize the museum. My team consisted of two photography students and one other interactive design student, and together we came up with this solution. 

We wanted to redesign the visual identity and come up with a new marketing strategy. The museum has a lot of historic, interesting, and absurd objects in its exhibitions, and we wanted to use this in a respectful and aesthetic way. Our goal was to create a modern, visually appealing, streamlined brand, that communicates what the museum is about, without giving it all away. From our research insights, we created a sentence defining our whole concept that we used as a tool to build the identity.

Guiding principles

CONCEPT behind
the identity

Skrå streger

Medical Museion is a living, tactile portal, which innovatively guides you through body and mind, focusing on the medical past, present, and future




Brand video